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One of Those Wargaming Dreams Again. . .


But not of the toy soldiers arrayed across a Gilderesque table variety.  No.  Instead, I was in a hobby shop somewhere rooting through stacks of old, hobby-related magazines  -- for just 10 cents US each -- and managed to find copies of Wargamer's Newsletter and Battle along with early issues of Miniature Wargames, Practical Wargamer, and Military Modelling in reasonable condition.  Dog-earred and faded, sure, but still good enough to read and enjoy.

I managed to gather a selection of about 24 or 30 before others in the throng had picked through everything.  Then, I had a quick conversation with the guy at the cash register about having lived in Madison and Minneapolis before leaving with my new stash.  The dream was so real that it woke me.  At 5am on a Saturday.

The subconscious is cruel sometimes.

-- Stokes


pancerni said…
Definitely colorful, but cruel, yes very.
Fair few of the WN's are online here if you are in need.. :o)
Sadly Ive had similar dreams Stokes. Mine concern finding some of Peter Gilder's painted figures in a charity shop and buying them for just a few pence. Life can be cruel.
Indeed, gentlemen! Indeed. Life -- and dreams -- can be cruel. Thank you for your comments. Steve, if you could, please direct me to where I might find links to the old newsletters. I'd love to read through them.

Kind Regards,

Hi Stokes - the link in my comment will take you to the repository of all things glorious.. well Wargamers Newsletters by the armful, anyway - all collected together and hosted by the excellent Jon Haines.. I scanned a number of them myself from my own collection, but I know Jon is missing a few so if anyone has copies of the missing ones I know he'd like to hear from them.. regards, Steve.. PS.
Thank you Steve! Greatly appreciated. Can't wait "to get stuck in" as you say on the other side of the pond.

Kind Regards,


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