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Rekindling the Paintbrushes. . .

Yet another variation on the uniform worn by Austria's Batthyanyi Dragoons.  I'll post a photograph of the entire regiment parading across a terrained table once they have been glossed. H ello once again everyone!  It's been a while, but I bit the bullet last night, after several months away from the painting table, and worked for an hour on the final nine figures and horses of that monster dragoon regiment (45 figures and horses in all) begun almost one year ago.  Mostly applying small flecks of acrylic gold to buttons on the men's and officer's coat lapels, pockets, and cuffs.   I find that buttons turn out best when you apply just the tiniest fleck of paint to the very center of the sculpted buttons, to catch the light instead of attempting to paint the entire button and risk having the paint end up where you don't want it.  Of course, holding your breath, bracing your forearms against something steady, and painting beneath very bright lights help immeasurabl

Happy Easter from All of Us in The Grand Duchy of Stollen!

   E njoy the day!  And, if you are not coloring eggs, how about applying some color to your figures of choice? -- Stokes