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Prussian 3rd Garrison Regt. Update. . .

  Still a few small things to do, including apply fleshtone to a left hand on an officer that I somehow missed at some point plus lace on the drummers and officers , but we're very close to the glossing stage. L ots of painstaking work to clean up edges, highlight folds, and touch up various bits and pieces the last few evenings.  My trusty little Sony Cybershot, I fear, has gone to that big electronics place in the sky and no longer seems to be working.  Well, I've had it since 2013, and small electronics don't last forever, so I cannot complain.   With that little hiccup in mind, I snapped today's shot with my iPhone, brightened, and cropped it in Fotor before sharing it here.  Again, the blue is not quite so bright in reality, but the auto-improve, or whatever they call it, makes for nice bright photographs in which everything shows up.   Not long before these are done, and The Young Master was suitably please when I asked him to have a look a few minutes ago. -- Sto

Almost There With the 3rd Garrison Regiment. . .

The figures are not quite this bright in reality.  The autofix feature on my Fotor online editor makes things really, really bright, which helps small objects show up, but the colors are sometimes artificially enhanced.  Still, they aren't half bad. H appy to report that my work on The Young Master's 3rd (Prussian) Garrison Regiment is almost complete barring buttons, flags, gloss varnish, and permanent basing.  Yes, you heard right.  And we've only been picking away at them since January 2021! But it is amazing how a couple of small things will suddenly brig a unit of figures in-progress to life.  For these particular figures it was the addition of the light blue pompoms and white tassels on the tricorns.  Except for a few touch-ups, followed by the many brass buttons, they are just about done. Blogger access issues continue to plague me at home, so I am writing this post at work while taking a coffee break (Monday morning.  Photo uploaded Tuesday morning).  We got a new i