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T-Minus Four Days and Counting to the BIG MOVE

Greeting loyal Grand Duchy of Stollen subjects (ok, “visitors”) everywhere! It has been far too long. The Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II wishes that I convey his sincerest apologies for failing to keep everyone updated and informed through this period of upheaval and transition. The Grand Duchess and I shall find ourselves ensconced in our new abode by Thursday evening this week. That means four more fevered days of packing before the movers arrive! The Grand Duchess has overseen dismantling of the grand ducal kitchens while Oberfeldwebel Klatschen will march the forces of Stollen and Zichenau, together with a motley assortment of 15mm Napoleonics, over to their new quarters later this afternoon or tomorrow. The guitars and personal effects will follow along with various and sundry other loose ends early in the week. The grand plan is to have only the heavy book boxes and furniture remaining by Thursday morning when the movers arrive. So far, so good. But jeeze Louise is

House Closing Date Set for Tomorrow!!!

Things have been just a little too quiet here at Stollen Central lately, what with the coming house purchase and associated packing up of our lives into a multitude of moving boxes and cartons. I see though that many of you are continuing to drop by, checking for the latest news of the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, his manservant Hives, the Portuguese Water Dogs Max and Moritz, and the continuing build-up of the Stollenian and Zichenauer armies. Thank you everyone for your dedication and continued interest. I certainly appreciate it. I should have things up and running again in the next several weeks, just in time for the summer campaigning season. Please keep checking in for an occasional update. On the housing front, things are beginning to move quickly. Yesterday, we met at the house with our real estate lady for the final walk-through, and everything was as it should be. I even had a few minutes to myself in the house to measure windows for curtains and walls in the f

SSM Cavalry Just about Done (Take a Look). . .

Here they are – the entire 30-figure regiment (28 Spencer Smiths + 2 Holger Erikssons). Except for a few minor touch-ups on the first two squadrons (to fix some rather odd looking legs) and a few of the white gauntlets, we have almost finished with the regiment. Today, I have arranged with the Grand Duchess for several hours of open time following a late breakfast, so I’ll be able to fix things in need of fixing and then apply a protective coat of Future floor polish. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the way these figures have turned out. Not the most detailed paint job I’ve ever completed, but (to paraphrase one Mr. John Preece) it’s not overly fussy and yet very pleasing in appearance. If you too are after an old-school appearance for your own 18 th century armies, I’d heartily recommend Spencer Smith and Holger Eriksson figures. Not terribly detailed by modern standards, but en masse, you can’t argue with the effect. Plus they are similar in size to the RSM95 fig