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The Stalled Battle for Neu Sittangbad: Not Dead, Just on Hold for a Little Longer. . .

The late  Grand Ducal Feline, the sorely missed Princess Rannveig I.  August 1994-April 20, 2012. As suggested by my post title above, things have been on hold here at Stollen Central for a few weeks as real life has intervened in oh so many ways, getting in the way of virtually all gaming and painting since before the Easter Holiday.  An endless morass of student projects that have needed reading, grading, and commentary (the worst papers usually require more of the latter), an unforeseen and expensive problem with replastering one of the kitchen walls, etc., etc., etc.  Hopefully, after this weekend, with another batch of mostly mediocre student papers, things will relax a bit and some time will become available for more fun things in life once again, like wargaming and continuing with Neu Sittangbad. Saddest of all, we finally had to make that tough decision late last night to have our aging and ailing cat 'Rannveig' put to sleep at the all-night emergency animal

The Battle Takes Shape at the Start of Turn Five. . .

  General von Tschatschke's 4th Dragoons act fast at the start of Turn Five and move forward 24" to retake the guns that were abandoned by their crew during the melee at the end of Turn Four.     In this second artist's rendering, you'll note that the dragoons are firmly in possession of the guns and, barring any unforeseen developments, will be able to drag them to the rear during Turn Six where their remaining disgraced crew crew awaits . Meanwhile, across the Sittangtal, just to the north of Neu Sittangbad, von Tschatschke's Anspach-Bayreuth Curassiers have withdrawn a full 24" to the very banks of the river where they will cover approaching  allied troops, who are in the midst of breaking off with the enemy Zichenauers, withdrawing through the town, and escaping across the toll bridge to fight another day.   Here, we can see the newly formed front line of General von Tschatschke's army, anchored on either side of the