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We must be doing something right here in the Grand Duchy. . .

Thank you to Mosstrooper for nominating the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog for a Stylish Blogger Award.  Naturally, I'll accept on behalf of the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II since he and his manservant Hives are away at Aunt Ermgard's country home for a long weekend of hunting, dining, and dancing -- in honor of Great Britain's recently married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- plus avoiding connubial entanglements of any kind.  Now, I believe there are a few things to see to for old IA the Deuce in absentia: 1) Provide links back to Mosstrooper's own blogs Tinsoldiering On and The Steadfast Tin Soldier , the second of which is brand new but looks very promising given it's stated 30mm Old School focus.  My cup of tea and all that!  Just click on the previous highlighted links to be transported magically to these two blogs via the magic of the Internet. 2) Share seven things about myself.  Oh, no!  This could get embarrassing, especially if mention of that 23rd birth

Long Live William and Catherine!!!

Prince William and his bride Princess Catherine following their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  What a handsome couple! The Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II of the House of Schoening-Ochsenknecht zum Stollen would like to extend his very best wishes to Prince William and Princess Catherine.  Here in the Grand Duchy, we are, after all, constitutional monarchists at heart.   And here's the lovely couple making their way down the aisle of the abbey as newlyweds.  The event was a tastefully understated and well-executed affair indeed.  Bravo!

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front. . .

Happy Easter from the Grand Duchy of Stollen! Just a quick note to say hello to everyone who routinely visits and/or follows the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog.  No, I have not fallen from the edge of the earth or anything given the weeks of relative inactivity here.  Just a lot going on at the moment.  Over on the painting desk, the Minden hussars wait patiently while a couple of hobby-related projects have taken precedence since our return from Mexico a month ago.  Can't really say anymore about this right now, but keep your eyes and ears open for further developments in the months to come. What else?  Well, factor in a new film course that I've been developing with a colleague, the end of the spring semester, plus the usual family things, and it's been rather busier than I would like these last several weeks.  Sadly, as I discovered at 20 when I went to work full-time, managing the dairy department in a large supermarket -- Just try to picture a very thin, long-haired St