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Slowly Climbing Back into the Painting Saddle. . .

A melee between the small cavalry forces of the Grand Duchy of Stollen and the Electorate of Zichenau.  Figures by RSM95, Spencer Smith, and Holger Eriksson. It has been, despite my good intentions, a slog getting back into the painting mode since our return from Mexico last week.  As many of you undoubtedly know already, playing catch-up following a vacation along with other unforeseen things (sick wife and child, etc., etc.) tends to sap any available free time that might otherwise be applied to painting.  I had considerable time yesterday evening, following dinner (the Grand Duchess sat with me but did not feel up to eating), but, frankly, retiring to bed with a book was a more attractive prospect by the time 8pm rolled around than was painting.  So, I spent several hours instead reading Deception (2010) by Jonathan Kellerman, a true master of psychological suspense. However, I have had a chance for several moves in a solo game that I've had set up here in Zum Stollenkeller

Would Sigmund Frued lable my painting lethargy hussar envy?

A hussar and musketeer of Lauzun's Legion.  I'm using the former as a basis for my own unit of 30 Minden (Prussian) hussars. Just a very quick entry as the Grand Duchess, Young Master Paul, and I are off for nine days of spring vacation with Good Ol' Mom and her dogs in Mexico today.  I've been working on the first dozen Minden hussars here and there, but I find that these castings are so good that they are a bit intimidating to work with.  I want to do them justice after all!   That means that I have spent an inordinate amount of time the last few weeks looking at the figures in question, studying them, and thinking about painting them, thinking I SHOULD be painting them, but not actually getting to it.  Avoiding the simple act of opening a bottle or tube of paint and getting to it if you will.  Just the sort of thing I ranted about in that last article in the Classic Wargamers' Journal.  You know the one about would-be wargamers?   Of course, the Grand Duche