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The Combat at Wegkreuz: A Featherstonian-Grantian, Old School Battle. . .

Today's set-up, now featuring mats, roads, and fields from Hotz Artworks.  Everything works together very cohesively, and the felt mats drape very well over styrofoam hill contours. W ell, the Young Master has not expressed much interest in a battle of toy soldiers with ol' Dad lately, so I am having a quick solo affair myself today (Sunday) while he and the Grand Duchess are off to the Detroit Zoo and IKEA.  I've decided on a battle for a crossroads somewhere along the frontier between The Grand Duchy of Stollen and The Electorate of Zichenau.  Whoever controls it by the end of ten turns will be deemed the winner.   The situation before the start of hostilities is this.  The two generals commanding the respective scratch forces -- of roughly equal size, but with some slight differences on composition -- have each been sent by their superiors to seize the vital crossroads at the village of Wegkreuz , which sits in a shallow valley taken up by farmland and largely ope