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Happy Easter. . .

S ome of you longtime visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen might recall that I am a fan of old Victorian and Edwardian Christmas and New Year's greeting cards.  Well, I've recently stumbled across a few similar Easter cards, and thought I might share one here for your enjoyment in lieu of a soldier related post.   Not much painting occurring here at the moment what with getting the house on the market and beginning to tackle the gargantuan task of sorting various things to discard, donate to the charity shop, or be packed into moving boxes even before we have visited out new area to look for a suitable home and lined up a company to transport our stuff to the East Lansing area.   In any case, Happy Easter from all of us here to those who actively celebrate the holiday, and a peaceful, calm, and happy long weekend to everyone, observers and non-observers alike. -- Stokes