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Wied Infantry In-Progress. . .

  The first third, more or less, of Austria's Wied Infantry.  Still a way to go, but they don't look half bad at this point.   S ince mid-June, I have been picking away at the first company of the Wied Infantry (as and when time has permitted), viewed numerous videos on Your Tube in which various wargamers around the world explain how they tackle nominally 'white' (Napoleonic) Austrian infantry, and mused about the flags I might eventually give them once all 60 or so have been painted and glossed. I opted for a light gray undercoat followed by numerous (I have not kept track) washes of cheap white craft paint applied with a few different small brushes -- my trusty old sable 000 to a #2 synthetic round -- that have reasonably good points.   Craft paint, because I wanted less pigment that is easier to thin way down than high pigment hobby-specific whites.  My brushes are also kept very damp.  The combination of the two makes blending somewhat easier as I build up the coat