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Happy Thanksgiving from the Quiet Grand Duchy of Stollen. . .

Not a very model soliderly photograph at all, and, sadly, not our dinner table this year either since most of our finer things remain in storage.  But maybe by Christmas? D eathly quiet in recent months here at The Grand Duchy of Stollen without much to report.  We are still alive though.  The planned solider painting just has not happened due to extremely limited desk space, much of which has been covered with student papers and related course notes since classes began back on September 2nd.  Still, we have much else to be thankful for including the sale of our old house in Illinois, which closed yesterday and now belongs to someone else. . .  or rather their bank for the next 30 years. Here in Michigan, we are waiting for our lender to issue a closing date for our own Totleigh- i n-the-Wold, but that has been delayed by the long Thanksgiving Weekend.  We had hoped to hear on that early this week.  Sigh.  All desired repairs have, however, been carried out and given the A-OK

Juliette Greco -- Je suis comme je suis

Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose