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Grand Duchy of Stollen Blog Passes 100,000 Mark!

Well, sometime during the night, the blog counter quietly passed the 100,000 mark. Obviously, Irwin Amadeus II will ask his intrepid, and long-suffering English manservant Hives to serve extra toast (burnt to a crisp of course) and bacon this morning in celebration! Tomfoolery aside, thank you to one and all for occasionally dropping by to peruse the ramblings that have appeared here since August 2006. Today's milestone might be just what I need to kick yours truly into gear and sit down later today, to begin once again with those Huzzah figures, who stand looking at me imploringly from the painting table. And by the way, thank you too for the comments everyone left following yesterday's post. All very sound advice. And now, I'm going to reread John Preece's latest post on all of those 20mm Crimean figures given to him by one Stuart Asquith. And then, it's off to breakfast with the Grand Duchess and Young Master Paul if he is awake!

Painting Fatigue Hits Grand Duchy of Stollen Hard!

Just thought I'd touch base quickly and let you Stollen regulars know that I'm still alive and kicking. The Grand Duchy of Stollen blog has indeed seemed like a ghost town in the American Old West lately, full of dust and tumbleweeds (a nod to Phil Olley here) Haven't managed to get off my you-know-what and do any painting in some weeks. The painting funk has hit hard, and while I'm reading many blogs and websites with interest, it's just been difficult to sit myself down and pick up that darn brush and begin painting again. I have been doing a bit of unrelated writing and translation, but that hasn't eaten up too much time. Neither has caring for Young Master Paul. Typically, the Grand Duchess has him after supper until bed time, so I've certainly had evenings free for hobby-related stuff. I've even got a small list of things to finish on those first 30 or so Huzzah figures languishing over on the painting table, but, sigh, the urge just eludes