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January Skiing. . .

  Dano-Norwegian skijaegere engaging the swedes, presumably during the Napoleonic-era judging by the uniforms. H ello, hello!  Still alive and kicking here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen, but hobby activity has been restricted of late due to the start of the spring semester and the fact that we have been skiing as much as possible during late afternoons and weekends since January 1st. Notably, we enjoyed a long skiing getaway over last weekend about 2.5 hours north, where it is much colder and snowier.  We visited two different groomed ski areas across three days while renting a charming small chalet through VRBO.  Besides her "classic" (diagonal stride) skies, the Grand Duchess also tried out a new set of "skate" skis that she received for Christmas.  Hard work, but she eventually got the hang of it thanks to her speed skating experience.  The techniques are not dissimilar. The entire weekend went so amazingly well, and The Young Master skied so strongly even down m