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Greens, Blacks, Dark Browns, and Flesh Complete. . .

  A fairly easy week's worth of hobby time brings us to this stage. E xcept for the two standard bearers at the rear, who need their flagpoles before joining the rest of their regiment.  Citadel Warboss Green (two coats) on the bases?  Check!  Black shoes, gaiters, cartridge pouches, and hats?  Check!  Dark brown haversacks, canteens, and musket stocks?  Check!  Flesh tone on the faces and hands?  Check!  A number of small touch-ups to clean things up here and there?  Check!  "All present and correct, Sah!" "Very good, Sergeant Major!  Carry on!"  Still lots to do, but we're off to a solid start I'd say.  This slightly different painting procedure -- getting one batch to a particular point, then moving on to the second, and so forth -- seems to be working nicely when it comes to a reduction of painting tedium and fairly rapid progress.   Probably the neck stocks and hair next before moving onto the green collars, cuffs, and waistcoats.  Straps and webbin

The First Company Takes Shape. . .

  Appropriately enough for Waterloo Day 2022 -- Or perhaps not? -- here is the first photograph of where things stand with my version of Austria's Wied Infantry after about six days of painting an hour or two a day here and there.  Not as fast or as regimented (ha-ha!) as some painters out there, but it is nevertheless amazing what one can accomplish when wife and child are away.  Hmmmm. A fter months and months of mulling over which 'proper' Austrian regiment to paint, the Wied Infantry (green facings) is underway!  Here is how I am tackling the brushwork on the first two companies thus far: 1) Green Bases 2) Black Hats, boots-gaiters, and Cartridge Pouches 3) Brown Musket Stocks, Knapsacks, and Canteens 4) Flesh tone    Once I get to this stage, it is time to catch up with the next company of 19 figures (and small regimental staff at the rear) before addressing the neckstocks and then returning to larger, easier-to-tackle details.  As an experiment, this time I will leave
  I t seems -- SEEMS -- that I have at last completed my penance and found favor with the Blogger Gods once again.   Activity has not ground to a standstill since my last post two months ago however.  I've been at work on various things like woodland bases for the tabletop, painting a bunch of barrels and crates to go with my supply train painted back in 2013 or so, flags for The Young Master's 3rd (Prussian) Garrison Regiment, and most recently have begun base-coating 60+ Minden Austrian infantry.   This batch of figures is slated to become a version of the Wied Regiment with green facings and some less commonly seen striped flags from the early part of our period.  I finished applying a mix of light gray mixed with white acrylic gesso, my preferred base coat, to the first 20 figures last night and will continue today or this evening as and when family life permits. As usual, I have also been tinkering with my home brew rule set 'A Tangled Mass.'  An ongo