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Taking Stock Part II: The (As Yet) Unpainted but Planned OOB. . .

  Two companies of Reichsarmee grenadiers painted back in 2017 or 2018.  Minden Austrians of course. A lovely early autumn day here in the grand duchy.  Bright sunshine and a light breeze with cool temperatures will make for some very pleasant late afternoon lawn mowing in a little while.  But first a bit more discussion of painting plans for the future. Last time, I looked back at the various and sundry units, support troops, and civilians that I've managed to paint in the last 17 years as the Grand Duchy of Stollen project has developed.  So today, let's look into the seemingly bottomless Drawer 'o' Lead to my left for a clue to the new direction.  Be forewarned, it's not going to be a quick job getting everything painted and based, but there we are. The following plans are based on the pile of unpainted figures already here.  Any future purchases will be limited to small things that might be needed to fill out the envisioned units (the odd few officers mounted o

Taking Stock of the Painted OOB. . .

  O ne evening earlier in the week, I spent several hours carefully examining the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection .  Here is a listing of everything that has been painted and glossed up to this point, excluding numerous civilians, the extensive pontoon and transport train, limbers and teams for the existing artillery, many command vignettes, and a couple of light infantry fomrations that rarely see the table.   There is also a unit of 30 metal Spencer Smith cavalry that I painted way back in 2007-2008, that does not really work with the rest of the collection as it has taken shape in the years since.  Plus a couple of units of Holger Eriksson figures that featured in the Sittangbad refight long ago at the May 2006 Partizan show, which I managed to snag from painter John Preece back in 2016 or '17.  But I digress.  Here we go:   Zichenauer OOB Ermland Garde (All line regiments consist of 60+ figures) Flickenhoffer Fusiliers Ernestine-Sachsen Regt. Wied Infantry W├╝rttem