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Happy Easter from the Grand Duchy of Stollen. . .

  -- Stokes, Sonja, and Young Master Paul

It's Easter Weekend in the Grand Duchy. . .

  "You mean a clue to the new direction?"  Extra points if you recognize which 1964 film that line comes from.   W ell, things have ground to a standstill the last few weeks here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen what with a conference out of town two weeks ago, foot surgery for the Grand Duchess last Friday, her envisioned six-week recovery on the chaise in the library, plus the usual end-of-semester song and dance.  There is also the matter of several academic projects with colleagues that have recently fallen into my lap.  Should've thought a bit more about those before jumping into the deep end of the pool with all the other kids.  What was I thinking?  No rest for the wicked as the saying goes. But, it's sunny outside this weekend, I plan to begin leaf and stick clean-up with an inaugural mow for the 2023 mowing season to suck up smaller debris, and we have a nice dinner to look forward to for Easter Sunday, prepared (purchased) by yours truly at the superm