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Still Alive and Kicking (Barely). . .

Here is where things stand with the final batch of wagons and carts as of mid-afternoon today (Sunday). I am still alive and kicking, as the song went, but as you might expect, things have been a tad busy here at Stollen Central since the autumn semester began in earnest at the end of August.  However, this weekend has provided a nice lull before yet another batch of students papers floods over me Monday morning, and one more cycle of reading and assigning grades takes center stage for the next 7-10 days. At any rate, I have been picking away, time permitting, at a few different wargaming-related things since the last post here at The Grand Duchy of Stollen blog in early September.  We are getting there, slowly but surely, with the last batch of wagons and carts.  The vehicles and horses are done, and now it's time for the usual dark brown on all of the collars, harnesses, traces, straps, reins, and the like.  Then, it's time to do the humans, followed by the usual glos

Still Tick, Tick, Ticking Along. . .

The final (for now) six wagons and carts in various stages of incompletion. D espite a busy couple of weeks with the start of the new college semester, I've managed to snatch a little time here and there to work on the various supply train vehicles.  An errant French Napoleonic limber also arrived from Ireland in the midst of everything.    Never one to shy away from ahistoricity, I tacked it and its horse team to bases and applied the necessary base-coats, figuring it will go well with everything else.  Hey, if the late Brigadier Young could include Napoleonic British Royal Horse Artillery in his otherwise 18th century armies, then I can certainly include a French Gribeauval limber with my own quasi-historic armies of the 1760s-1770s.   Next up, the various brown oil glazes for the horses and Mr. Entwistle, who pulls the hay cart in the third row at the right. -- Stokes