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Just Enough Time to Draw a Breath. . .

The desk of an 18th century gentleman.  I like the absence of a keyboard and computer screen although the three-cornered hat might take some getting used to. A lthough summer vacation began for the Grand Duchess and I with the close of May Term last Friday, May 31st, things have been rather busy here at Stollen Central lately.  Soldier painting has taken a backseat for a few weeks, and I've been hard at work churning out a couple of articles.  Finished the first one this past weekend and sent it on to the parties concerned.  Now, it's time to begin the next, a working draft of which must be done and sent off for consideration by midnight this Saturday the 8th.  Whew!   And then there is the translation project. . .   which I plan to do during our upcoming three-week visit to Mexico since the publisher would, ideally, like it finished and submitted by July 1st.  Keep in mind, I've been asking for months to have the materials forwarded to me and about a deadline, but i