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Easter Greetings from The Grand Duchy of Stollen. . .

As of yet, I have not managed to a figure company that produces and Easter range of rabbits and chickens.  Maybe we could persuade Eureka to add some along side their teddy bears though? F or one, I have already overindulged in jellybeans and chocolate (Blagh!), and Easter is not until tomorrow.  In any case, if you observe, have a delightful East er Sunday [Thank you, Nobby!] and holiday. -- Stokes

A (Very) Late Arrival to the Party. . .

Major Welch writing his memoirs? N ot very much happening here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen the last several weeks.  After Spring Vacation at the start of the month, it has been hard to get started again down here in Zum Stollenkeller for one reason or another.  But a much needed boost to my hobby spirits arrived Friday afternoon.  And only about five years late.  Yes, yes.  Extremely gauche of me I now realize.  Please don't cane me, Sir!  I was led astray. Returning to the point at hand, a few weeks ago, you might imagine how surprised I was to see that a copy of John Ray's A Military Gentleman (2013) had popped up in my Ebay feed in very good condition and at a very inexpensive rate.  I still cannot quite fathom why someone in possession of such a book, and having gone to the retail expense of purchasing it when new, would wish to part with it, but mine is not to reason why.  I made an offer to the seller and procured the book for far less than the original a

The Right Track to Copenhagen Fields Sample

Pay attention to his discussion of colors for painting backgrounds!