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A Painting Update on the Generic Frei-Infanterie. . .

S till not quite there with these 15 Fife & Drum Hessians, but making some nice progress since the last update nonetheless.  Getting down to the small details now (and touch-ups).  These are not really noticeable at arm's length, but we know they are there, don't we?    With nondescript old ranges like, for example, the 15mm Peter Laings, which had their own charm about them, you could easily get away with leaving out all but the most general colors, and it worked.  With more current lines as nice as these 1/56 figures, however, it makes sense, at least to me, to spend a bit more time and effort on the tiny bits if at all possible, to add that extra bit of sparkle.  Both literally and figuratively speaking.  Hence my attention past and present to things like buttons.  That said, I have yet to address the hundreds of gaiter buttons, for example, on infantry and artillery units.  I know.  I know. Giving a nod here to our model railroad brethren, whose level of detail on so ma

Early Brushwork on the von Hordt Frei-Infanterie. . .

  Half of the figures presented to me by the Grand Duchess and Young Master for Christmas 2022.  The first half were those that became the Ansbach-Beyreuth Jaegers during the summer months.  As usual, the photographs have been brightened and cropped, but otherwise are as is. D espite all rumors to the contrary, things have not become entirely moribund here in the Grand Duchy of late.  The usual mix and intrusion of work and real life, you know.  But I have managed to find the odd 60 minutes here, 30 minutes there to work on my generic company of frei-infanterie (based loosely on the Von Hordt Infantry)  as and when time permits. Here are a couple of Saturday morning photographs to illustrate where things stand at the moment.  Still lots of small details to do, with the usual touch-ups, but most of the basic colors have been blocked in at this point.   The paints used have been all acrylics except for the initial flesh tone, which was my usual Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyd oil pref