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Keepin' an Eye on the World Going By My Window . .

'The Nap at the Palace' by Jose Triado Mayol

Not much in the way of hobby-related activity happening here in the Grand Duchy lately.  Sigh.  And no surprise there really since there are only so many hours in the day, only so much mental and physical energy to spare, and you sometimes simply just have to give in and know when to say, um, "When!"  A glass of wine and/or evening yoga by the hearth with the Grand Duchess (who has practiced for over 20 years), and then off into la-la land.  Zzzzzzzzz.
More immediately, I'm recovering, mentally speaking, from a grueling Friday in which I was involved with three (online) conference sessions, one right after the other, followed by a 90-minute meeting at the end of the day. Also virtual. My brain has been mush ever since, so an easy, completely unproductive Saturday watching intermittent snow fall outside (no accumulation however) and drinking coffee while the visiting handymen completed some repair work down here in Zum Stollenkeller
Today (Sunday) is cool but sunny, so some work outside following lunch with, this evening, a possible return after a long absence to the painting table and those for-many-weeks-neglected 28mm Eureka Saxon cuirassiers.

On a slightly different note, a small order of Venture Miniatures 18th century country folk and villagers arrived in the mail Friday.  These will go nicely with the Ratnik, Suren, Jackdaw, Fife & Drum, and other townsfolk/agricultural laborers already in the collection and provide added variety around the edges of the table when I set it up once again.  I think I'll take a stab at half a dozen of these as a reward once the current cavalry are finished during the summer. 
Last, and I might have mentioned this before in an earlier post, I am entertaining the notion of another attempted solo Sittangbad refight this summer once thing settle down following a conference at the start of June.  A leisurely game of toy soldiers over a few days would be just the thing to help decompress after a terribly busy school year.

Kind Regards,



A very nice scan of Young and Lawford's original map of the battle, "borrowed" from Keith's Wargaming Blog.





tradgardmastare said…
Real Life, curse of the wargaming classes indeed! I do look forward to seeing the Venture figures adding civilian grace and charm to the battlefield. The Summer plans will provide many diverting day dreams over the coming week l hope.
Alan Tradgardland
Keith Flint said…
Yep, sometimes you just have to let go... even of your hobby. It'll be there, ready to pick up, when the time comes. I have to remind myself sometimes that the hobby isn't a set of jobs I have to finish!
Neil Patterson said…
Stokes, like you at the end of a working week I am often exhausted mentally and physically, due to the demands of the work, early starts and not enough sleep.
This has got more intense as I get older; I really want to retire, but unfortunately need to put in a few more years.

All this has a dramatic impact on hobby time at the weekend, especially where other things have to be fit in the limited free time available.
It's very easy to let weekend after weekend slip away without achieving anything on the wargaming front.

My solution, has been to do something however small and make time or force myself rather than just do nothing.
It's amazing how this can add up.
It also helps if there's a goal, so Sittangbad could be a great motivator.

It doesn't always work, especially if I'm really worn out, but worth trying when you are just weary from "real life".


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