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As I was saying. . .


Two quick progress shots of the first half and a bit more of the 28mm Eureka Saxon cuirassiers.  Still lots to do, but they are beginning to look like something.

Contrary to anything you might have heard, I have not fallen from the edge of the earth, but have been frightfully busy with work-related stuff and a bit of painting lethargy these last couple of months.  Still, little by little the first 16 of 30 Saxon cuirassiers are taking shape, more or less as the Plötz Cuirassiers, which had lovely green facings and standard.

About two weekends back I decided it was time to clean and (re-) organize my painting area, which had become kind of, well, grungy in recent months.  Cobwebs, dead spiders, dust and such.  Blagh!

I also put up large pieces of white poster board to bounce and diffuse light from my three painting lamps around the one end of the built-in table/desk area where I have done most of my painting since we moved into our house back in December 2015.  Although it was not until January 2016 that I was able to get unpacked and back to work on the armies of Stollen and Zichenau.

Fast-forward to early 2024, and I was finally able to find a large, clear acrylic "in-progress" box to keep dust off of whichever unit is currently under the brush, yet still keep them visible from across the room when I am otherwise engaged.  You know, as a reminder along the lines of, "Hey, Stokes!  Yeah, you!  Over here!  We need our neck stocks and mustaches done next!"

In any event, I hope to spend an hour or so this (Sunday) evening before joining the Grand Duchess for some yoga before bedtime.  She has practiced for 20+ years while I have only recently joined her.  But there is no denying how relaxed one feels after even just a quarter hour of focused stretching, breathing, and quiet.  

I know, I know.  It'll be all tinkling crystals, mournful whale sounds, and bean sprouts next!  Fear not.  We enjoyed a delightful Middle Eastern meat and vegetable dish whipped up by the Grand Duchess yesterday evening.

-- Stokes



Andy McMaster said…
Good progress there. And it's always good to clean the workbench once in a while.

I quite like the Eureka Saxons. I'm currently painting some of the dismounted dragoons as part of Von Donovan's Legion. Figures are a little bigger and chunkier than most of my Mindens/RSMs but not unduly so.

And when I see cavalry laid out like this I sometimes rue the decision to go for 12 figure units...


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