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A Saturday Visit to the Tailor. . .

It's 10:30 Saturday morning, and I am still waking up with the first mug of coffee, and the two cats milling around here in my office at home.  A dark, wet, and dreary day outside, but I've got much activity planned since the Grand Duchess and Young Master have decided to visit Chicago for the day and left very early this morning.

First off, and following a hot shower, a visit to my tailor to take in a new three-piece suit from J. Press for the usual minor alterations.  It arrived yesterday, and was/is a gift to myself for some good news professionally speaking earlier this fall.  And since three-piece suits are generally pretty hard to find in 2023, I leapt at the opportunity after spotting this particular number on the J. Press website two weeks back.  A charcoal Donegal weave, very soft to the touch, and perfect for the cooler months, which here in Mid-Michigan are, conveniently, October through April, and sometimes well into May.  So this one should get a lot of wear.

Then, it's off to run a few Christmas gift errands.  Most of my shopping for the season long ago -- and well before Covid with its initial lock-downs -- migrated online.  Nevertheless, there are a couple of things I have spotted that the Grand Duchess will enjoy on Christmas Morning and beyond.  Once that errand is done, a few things at the supermarket, and then home again to enjoy the rest of the afternoon preparing the next batch of figures for painting, this time those 28mm Eureka Saxon cuirassiers I've nattered on about in previous posts.
Initially, I had planned to spend the day working through final student assignments, their course capstone projects, but that can wait until Monday and Tuesday next week.  Time instead to play hooky and take a couple of days for myself.  Sunday, I will record, process, mix, master, and post another episode of my podcast, an activity that, while time consuming, is actually a lot of fun, so not something I mind doing.  But that is putting the cart before the horse.

Back to Saturday activities!
This evening, I plan to enjoy some coffee and possibly a dram or two of single malt by the fireside in the library with some Christmas music playing softly in the background.  And who knows?  I might actually crack open an actual work of fiction that has nothing at all to do with work pursuits.  It used to happen now and then.  Once upon a time, I was a great reader of fiction, and that habit, I think, ought to be resurrected as we approach the Christmas break with its related festivities and downtime.
-- Stokes



Andy McMaster said…
Sounds a most excellent day.

And the suit sounds a great find.

I too used to have a great fiction reading habit. On the bus to and from work, at work, evenings. But lockdown killed that habit and now I struggle to finish more than one book a year...


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