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Glossing Over a Few Final Things. . .

The Minden Bosniaks mid-glossing, after the first coat.  Hmmm.  Mid-glossing.  Sounds like a village just up the road from Badger's Drift on Midsomer Murders.

Well, we are nearing the end of the Bosniak tunnel at last.  I've spent the afternoon applying the first coat of acrylic gloss with #3 and #5 rounds.  Pretty spiffy if you'll pardon my saying.  

As always, gloss varnish makes the colors pop even more.  I am especially pleased with the black kaftans highlighted in very dark blue, the red with scarlet highlights, and the horse coats.  Not quite Doug Mason ca. 1983, but they'll work well enough for me.  

What's that?  About 800 Minden Austrian dragoons thundering toward the painting table, you say?  Come, come now.  It's really just 36 riders and horses to paint.  There will be times, I am certain, where it FEELS like 800 of them.  

Ok.  Enough chit-chat, everyone.  Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.  Chaaaaaarge!

-- Stokes

An Easter Sunday P.S.
A second coat of acrylic gloss was added earlier this afternoon, the figures above now look like little jewels, and they have been placed carefully in one of the large plastic storage tubs in which I keep the painted figures.  I think a small game with The Young Master might be in order next weekend.  We'll see what he thinks about it.  In the meantime, 36 Minden horses stand ready for base-coating over on the painting bench.  Stay tuned.  The painting insanity is about to begin.  Yes, I know.  I've come completely unhinged.


Wow! The gloss coat really makes your Bosniaks 'pop!'
You can't beat shinny toy soldiers !
Der Alte Fritz said…
They look pretty, but will they fight? 😄
Oh, probably fail their first morale check (on whether to press home in a charge, or not) and run away. That's usually the way things go with new units, right? But at least they'll look nice while in rout.

Happy Easter,

Absolutely splendid!

I confess that I lack the moral fibre to do such large batches.
Moral fiber? My money is on some sort of chemical imbalance.

Best Regards,

David Morfitt said…
That's a beautiful looking unit! :-)



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