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Five Down and One to Go. . .

Here's where things stand as of late Wednesday afternoon.

Hmmm.  I need to be careful.  Otherwise, I might actually tick a few things off the long-term painting "To Do" list.  As usual with the ground work, I've tried to suggest minor roads, tracks really, somewhere in region of historic Courland where the Grand Duchy of Stollen is supposed to be located.  

As usual, the bases were treated with sand that the long-haired, much younger me collected from my maternal grandmother's creekbed in the summer of 1984, which was then stained with a thin wash of Raw Umber acrylic paint and a flow aid.  Then came the Woodland Scenics ground foam rubber, tacked down with acrylic matt medium, along with a few judicious clumps of foliage material held in place by careful drops of Gorilla Superglue.  Funny how terraining the bases, even a tiny bit, really pulls everything together and helps the figures and equipment to look well and truly finished.  Seems to bring everything to life in other words.  Contented sigh.  

Time now to paint that team of four horses lurking in the back row plus a few Minden drivers, for the items shown here and a couple of previously completed wagons from last summer, that are still waiting for their drivers.

-- Stokes


Unknown said…
Hi Stokes,
They do look very good and you have also convinced me to add more detail to my bases when the time comes.
Yours ever,
marinergrim said…
They look very good indeed. love those barrels.
Thank you, men! Painting equipment like this is a pain sometimes, but once finished, it's worth it.

-- Stokes
Peter Douglas said…
The bases look great - I've taken tips. However I must call you on a couple of points
"long-haired, much younger me collected from my maternal grandmother's creekbed in the summer of 1984"
By my calculation given your recent 29th birthday, you must have been in utero or maybe even not even a gleam in your father's eye.
Also a dapper lad like you with long hair? Fine for a barbarian like who was a lad in the hairy 70s, but not for such a style icon as yourself!!

Stryker said…
They do look truly superb but how will they fit with the old school basing of your other forces - or are they for a separate project?

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