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Coming Soon: Photos of the First Dozen Finished Cuirassiers!

The title says it all really. One more coat of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish this evening and then a couple of photos of my finished work. The figures look pretty darn good with only a single coat of Future/Klear, but two gives them that porcelain-like appearance that Peter Gilder so liked for his figures.

Agh! My computer has been at the University Tech Services for two days thanks to a virus, which managed to turn off my firewall and anti-virus software and invade my system the other day. Hopefully, it will be ready to reinstall in
Zum Stollenkeller this evening after band practice. In the meantime, I'm using the Grand Duchess' new Mac laptop at the moment, which is really nice, but it sure ain't my trusty Sony Vaio PC. And I sure hope my old school book files have not been damaged or lost! :-(

By the way, our heir apparent should be here next Tuesday or Wednesday. Minor complications with Sonja's pregnancy have meant that her doctor has decided to bring the baby into the world about three weeks early, but apparently 37 weeks (today actually) is considered full term. So, a few last minute things to take care of this weekend and then "Tally ho!" as they say.


Yikes!! Fingers crossed, Stokes... hope all goes well for you and the Grand Duchess.
Bluebear Jeff said…
I hope that all goes well for the Grand Duchess and "Little Nimbus".

-- Jeff
A J said…
Best wishes to you both, Stokes.
Martin said…
Best of luck to the three of you. All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers here in Raubenstadt, as we await word.
tradgardmastare said…
All the very best from all @ the Duchy of Tradgardland. We await further news and developments with great interest...
Alan & family
littlejohn said…
All the best to you and your family. A new baby will trump those cuirassiers for sure but I'm still anxious to see them!
Fitz-Badger said…
Best wishes to all!
Thanks for the good wishes, men! I'll make sure to share them with the Grand Duchess, who is having an early lie-down this evening while I play on her computer.

Best Regards,

abdul666 said…
Best wishes for the Grand Duchess and the "Heir".
Btw, forget historicity, the Kuirassier trumpeter looks *so good* as it is!
Rob Young said…
Our best wishes also re new arrival.

As far as lost files - backup, backup, backup!


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