30 November 2014

Lightbox Photos of the Last Six Carts, Wagons, and Teams. . .

 No doubt, the huge casks carried by this wagon contain some sort of cheap rot-gut, which the soldiers of Stollen and Zichenau will nevertheless enjoy during the approaching Christmas Festival.

The first of two wagons that carry loads of lumber used  by the pontoon train.

This French Napoleonic caisson was generously donated by our very own Master Conrad Kinch late last summer.  Thank you again, Conrad!  It fits in well with everything else.  I didn't bother staining the sand with my usual wash of acrylic Raw Umber, and you don't really notice much of a difference, so I might just dispense with that particular step in future where command bases, vignettes, or future wagon/cart additions are concerned.

This horse cart carries a payload of items cobbled together from various bits and pieces -- two large barrels of coal, two small casks, three different chests, and a large sack of flour -- added during the last ten days or so, once painting, glossing, and basing were completed.

You can't assemble and paint up an 18th century supply train without including at least one oxcart, can you?

And finally, here is the second lumber/bridging timber wagon.  The various wagons, carts, teams, and drivers/drovers shown here come from a number of different 25-30mm (or, indeed also 1/56th) manufacturers, ranges, and periods (in the case of the lumber wagons which are for the American Civil War). . .  but I think they all work together rather nicely.

Next up in the painting queue?  Glad you asked, Mr. Kinch!  26 or so Minden pontooniers, including a couple of extra pontoons which are being punted into position by four of the gentlemen in question.  If the painting muse and Father Time are kind to me, I might be able to basecoat these tomorrow evening following the Young Master's bedtime.  Onwards, and upwards!

By the way, and if interested, you can review the second batch of wagons by clicking here, and revisit the first batch completed last summer by clicking here. No more vehicles, horse-drawn or otherwise, for a while. . .  barring Colonel von Bauchschmerzen's (Maurice de Saxe's) wicker carriage of course!

-- Stokes

Tomorrow is December 1st although today is the first Sunday in Advent according to the calendar.  To those of you who observe, Happy Advent Season!


Bloggerator said...

Well done sir.



Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, Greg! Whew, indeed.

Best Regards,


CelticCurmudgeon said...

MY Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings,

Once again your excellence with the paint brush deserves much praise. The wood tone you achieved on the barrels is striking in its realism. May these give you much pleasure on the table top.

And thank you for reminding everyone that Advent is upon us. As you know the name derives from the Latin advenire - the verb meaning "to come" for we are awaiting a momentous time in the religious calendar which is "to come."

May the blessings of this holy season be upon you and your family.

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Big Andy said...

Now those I like ! A decent baggeage train will need to be added to my ECW forces .... Hmmm

Allan Tidmarsh said...

What a lovely lot of carts and wagons - great work with the paint brush and lovely photos



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