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Memorial Day 2019. . .

The view from our front porch this fine Memorial Day afternoon.
Taking a few quiet minutes to remember our war dead this afternoon.

-- Stokes

Back in the Painting Saddle. . .

It's hard to beat the richness of oil-based metallics.  The Minden mounted colonel that I worked on yesterday evening.  He ought to look pretty good when finished.

I spent a pleasant hour or so last night, following The Young Master's bedtime, carefully teasing tiny bits of Winsor & Newton, or perhaps Grumbacher, gold and silver oils onto the mounted Austrian officer, who will oversee the composite battalion of Minden Austrian grenadiers.  They, of course, are the fellows in the foreground.

Those of you with longer memories might recall that these miniatures have been on the painting table since January.  Real life, however, has meant that progress has been at a standstill since late February.  I even put them away in a box for a couple of months to reduce dust and cat fur build-up!  

However, I managed to get my seat back into the painting chair last night, and here we are.  A steady hand, despite the usual after dinner infusion of strong dark roast coffee, meant only one m…

Almost Free for the Summer. . .

The Elstermuehl near Plessa in Brandenburg.  I really like the colors and silhouette of the main part of the the building where the waterwheel is.

Well, only a conference presentation -- on reading compliance among undergrads --  remaining tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and then I am relatively free until mid-August when it all begins again.  A little time daydreaming today about a few more buildings I want to tackle this summer along with wrapping up those various painting odds and ends.  And Crann Tara shall soon release several new batches of figures!  The two I have my eye on are a generic mounted officer and another on foot peering through a telescope, both wearing open greatcoats.  Imagine the possibilities for those two!  In the meantime, here are a bunch of photos on which I'll base those three or four new structures.  I think it's going to be a good few months.

-- Stokes

A couple of photographs of the same old half-timbered warehouse in Klaipeda (ex-Memel) now and then.