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More Photoshop Noodling. . .

Stollenian grenadiers and dragoons in support of mainline during Elbow River refight, July 2013.

Stollenian command and grenadiers just outside New Sittangbad during the Sittangbad refight, which culminated prematurely in a bad case of, if memory serves, felinus interruptus.

Part of the Stollenian frontline during the July 2013 refight of Elbow River.

A lone Zichenauer Croat takes potshots at nearby formed enemy infantry during the July 2013 Elbow River refight.
Photoshop, or even versions of Photoshop Elements, is invaluable for brightening, sharpening, fixing color cast, and cropping photographs of my models and game setups.  Learning the rudiments means that my photos the last couple of years have been a far cry from early efforts to display my figures way back in 2006-2007.  Of course, using a tripod, camera timer, and a home-made white foamcore lightbox can yield even better results.  In short photographing your units and armies is an absorbing hobby in its own right.

-- Stokes

Noodling around with Photoshop. . .

Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers and the 3rd (Trakehner) Dragoons on their way to support General von Tschatschke's right flank during the August 2013 refight of David Barne's Battle of the Elbow River.  The figures shown are from a number of different manufacturers.

Austrian, er, um, Zichenauer engineer officers in a heated debate about where under that nearby bridge might be the best place to place explosive charges.  Minden figures.

Meanwhile, the local aristocracy enjoys a picnic with dancing and frolicking in a wooded glen a couple of miles away.  Jackdaw figures.

Back on the battlefield, a unit of infantry, temporarily on loan to the Electorate of Zichenau from the Free and Hanseatic City of Luebeck and now part of General Phillipe de Latte's invading army, moves into place.  RSM95 figures.

Stollenian officers interrogate a captured Zichenauer officer.  "Tell us what we want to know, or for you it is. . .  the Comfy Chair!"  Minden…

The Things I Love about Wargaming. . .

 Two companies of my own RSM95 and Minden Croats, painted in 2010 or 2011 and seen here in a solo game played out during early August 2013.
Please excuse the rather lengthy radio silence here at the Grand Duchy of Stollen!


Things have been exceedingly busy the last couple of months here since my last post during Easter Weekend at the start of April.  Two trips to Michigan to nail down temporary housing, getting our current home in Central Illinois on the real estate market (no serious offers yet from potential buyers I fear), and preparing for the packers and movers in mid-June.  By the 18th of next month, we'll be in the East Lansing area catching our collective breath for 10 days or so before heading to Berlin for seven weeks where the Grand Duchess has a summer teaching position at The Free University.  However, there will also be plenty of time for us to do various kinds of sight seeing in and around the city and Brandenburg itself separately and together.  But what…