17 August 2014

Presenting the Next Batch of Wagons. . .

 Here is the cargo wagon with payload in place.  I toyed with the idea of  leaving the load of cargo loose but cemented it in place permanently in the end.  The fewer pieces of stuff to lose, the better if you ask me.

Ok.  Here  is the latest batch of finished wagons plus the cargo for the tw0-wheeled horse cart finished in early July.  Not super detailed, as usual, but painted to a reasonably neat standard that looks good at arm's length.  It occurred to me that afternoon, that I need a company of pontooniers to go with the pontoon train.  Luckily, I've got two or three packs of Minden laborers in the leadpile, so I might just take a painting detour with those before moving on to the final batch of five wagons, carts, horses and another lone ox.  I'll see how the mood strikes me though.  Onwards and upwards!  

-- Stokes

 Next, we have the two-wheeled horse cart, finished in July, but with the addition of its cargo.

Then, it's on to the mobile field forge with its two teams of horses.  As soon as the forthcoming Minden limber riders hit the market, I'll purchase a few and add a rider to the bay in the foreground.  I've just about finished the table of tools and anvil that came with this particular model to go with the Minden blacksmith and assistant that I painted during the winter-spring of 2013.

Here is one of two blue pontoon wagons with two pontoons and a load of balsa bridging timbers beneath.  The latter are more for display purposes than actual use.  I'll need to make some more practical bridge sections from balsa and card for actual gaming.

And finally, here is one of two dusty brown-gray pontoon wagons with similar accoutrements.  Once again, as soon as the new Minden limber riders become available, I'll add riders to these two models.  The RSM rider above is nice, but I'd like a bit more variety.  As with the first batch of carts and wagons, I've tried to approximate very minor roads and tracks on the bases, using creekbed sand, collected  from my maternal grandparents' place in SE Pennsyvania way back in the summer of 1984, and Woodland Scenics materials.


Matt said...

Fantastic stuff, has really got me thinking about supplies on the wargames table. I am sure there is a scenario or six to be had.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Lovely selection of wagons etc; like the pontoon wagons especially


Paul Robinson said...

Looking good there Stokes. Wood colour has posed me some questions over time. Questions like - freshly cut timber white or dark brown? Pontoons - newly made or from a quatermasters store?
Whatever the answers I really like your work there.

David said...

Very nice work. :-)




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