04 August 2014

Occasionally, words are unnecessary. . .


Prince Lupus said...

Nicely done, sir. Occasionally words are too much.

A J said...

When the world as it was ended, and the world as it is began. We remember them.

Si Bath said...


Today I remembered my Grandfather who on this day in 1914 was a Lieutenant on HMS Cornwall an Armoured Cruiser in the South Atlantic. Before the year was out he had been in the Battle of the Falklands; and in December on Christmas Day his ship was undergoing repairs as a result of the battle in Esquimalt Harbour. He survived the war having fought all the way through it.

The Kohima Epitaph from WWII says it all for me, no matter which conflict:

'When You Go Home,
Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow,
We gave Our Today'.

Best regards,


Gallia said...

Thank you Stokes,
I really enjoyed all the images - cavalry especially the brigade formation. I appreciate all you did for your readers.

Old School ACW said...

Your pictures of the French infantry look particularly smart.

Y'know old bean, I'll say this for the chaps of 1914. At the least they had no idea of the ordeal that lay before them.

On the other hand, we do! More than four years of solemn faces, chaps dressing up in old clothes and the unrelieved horror or documentaries, "specials" and pompous pollies waffling on.

Chin up old man, and keep on smiling!

Phil said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing!


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