26 September 2006


Gotcha! You should be ashamed. All kidding aside, it seems my previous campaign maps have captured the imaginations of others. Good! It's flattering to learn that my own doodlings have inspired others to modify something first put out there into cyberspace by yours truly.

With that in mind, look what I found over at the OSW group this morning. Relative to an ongoing discussion there about mapmaking and the associated software Campaign Cartographer, Tyler Provick has been experimenting with different graphics and mapmaking software. He has posted the results of his work in a folder at OSW in the "Files" section.

Imagine my surprise, when the first map I opened turned out to be a later version of the map I dreamed up this summer and finally committed to paper while camping three weeks ago! I must say, I like the look of Tyler's map. His version is suitably "antique" looking although I am partial to the brighter colors I acheived with colored pencils and MS Paint. Still, Tyler's version of the map is impressive in its own right, and I applaud his efforts. Well done Tyler!

Now, I wonder if I can get Tyler to agree to complete the map for me using Campaign Cartographer? You know, all those lakes, cities, towns, and the names of surrounding historical entities -- plus the much coveted compass rose in the upper left-hand corner of the map! ;-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

I also liked this version of the map when I saw it on the OSW group site.

I personally use GameMapr. I downloaded a demo of Campaign Cartographer and found it too complex for my needs.

I think Tyler said that he used two free programs, Gimp and Inkscape, to create this map . . . and it looks very good to me.

-- Jeff


MurdocK said...

I actually like the 'texture' of the background and think that the colors are just right for the time period. Remember that most inks and dyes were natural since the chemistry of color was not really understood, nor in mass production until about 1850.


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