05 January 2019

Soubise Takes Shape. . .

Soubise (left) and aide take shape.

A few different short sessions in the painting chair this Saturday afternoon and into the early evening.  I've already gone ahead and added highlights to certain areas, including horse tack and coats.  

Soubise's coat, in particular has three different tones of acrylic red.  I finished by just barely touching small amounts of scarlet to the highest areas, taking care NOT to highlight the small of his back, which would get less natural light than, say his shoulders, upper back, or the very ends of his coattails.  

Still plenty to do, yes, but the two figures and their horses are starting to look kind of nice if I do say so myself.  Maybe a bit more work this evening after the Young Master's bedtime?  I'll see which way the painting wind blows.

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Peter Douglas said...

I also have a Soubise on the workbench. Mine is the Front Rank figure, but he won’t be Soubise on table - I couldn’t bear to let any be Soubise!


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