27 December 2018

Some Christmastime Cruisin' in the Painting Chair. . .

Except for the touching up once they are attached to their respective flagpoles, along with some judicious red and blue highlights, the squadron standards are done.  Oversized in the fine tradition of Peter Gilder and Doug Mason, who, more than any other modellers, continue to inform how I approach figure painting.

Not quite two hours in the painting chair this blustery, wet afternoon, but I've managed to get the two squadron standards to a point where I think they'll, provide a reasonable approximation of the real thing once mounted and glossed.  I used a #4 round with a good point to apply the thinned dark read and navy blue acrylics, than a brand new #1 round to dab on squiggles and lines of GW gold plus a bit of to the standard at left.  This is the first time EVER that I have attempted the painting standards BEFORE attaching them to the flagpoles.  

While far from perfect, they'll do the trick, and I'm very pleased with the results.  Live and learn as the saying goes, and I think this is the way forward when it comes to future flags, standards, and guidons.  Anyway, once carefully mounted on their flagpoles, I'll touch up the gold fringe anywhere white still shows along the edges and then add some final red and royal blue highlights before glossing figures and flags, which will probably take "a coupla three days" as we used to say in my family.

Next up, let's get the carbines attached to the troopers in the second red Wurttemberg squadron while things are on a roll.

-- Stokes


El Grego said...


What material are you using for the flags?


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you! For these, just plain old white typing/printer paper. If I can find my pad of rice (Japanese calligraphy) paper, I'll try that next time though. Since it lacks the chemicals used in other papers, it it much easier to furl and bend once painted with acrylics and (supposedly) yields much more realistic and convincing results with flags. We'll see.

Best Regards,


Matt said...

Very impressive results.

I cheat and buy printed ones!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, Matt! I must hang my head and admit to cheating halfway. For the last three years, what I do is copy flags I find online into MS Word, reduce their size, print them out, and paint my own acrylic colors over top of the computer ink. Kind of like children's paint by numbers kits. But the end results arre worth the tedium of doing so. My earlier efforts were definitely so-so, but these, I must admit, aren't bad at all if you'll pardon the shameless self-backslapping.

Best Regards,


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