21 July 2018

A Painting 'To Do' List. . .

A list of items remaining on the current squadron of cavalry figures.

In 35+ years of painting miniatures -- first D&D and since the mid-1980s almost exclusively wargaming -- a few things occur during the many hours at the painting table in the glare of bright lights.  

One is the humble list.  While not as complicated as, say, Napoleonics in full dress uniforms, there are lots of little bits to remember when it comes to painting mid-18th century figures.  While musing yesterday about my current painting, trying to work myself up to actually sit down at the table you understand, I jotted down a list of things outstanding before we can call the current crop of 16 figures done.  Oh, and let's add "flag" to the list!  Can't forget the colonel's standard.

Ok, I'm off!  Or as I reply to The Grand Duchess when she uses this very phrase, "Oh, you're 'off' all right!"

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Wellington Man said...

You have my every sympathy, Stokes.
If it's any help, your regiment is developing into something quite exquisite.
Best regards


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