28 June 2018

Württemberg Horse Grenadiers: Painting a Test Figure. . .

The test figure is shaping up nicely although some of the details do not match the Knoetel plate that serves as one of my main references.

Spent a pleasant hour or so yesterday evening after the Young Master's bedtime working on a single test figure from those 30 RSM95 French cuirassiers in bearskins.  These are destined to become, more or less, one squadron of Württemberg horse grenadiers, or more properly 'Leib-Grenadiere zu Pferd.'  A second squadron, based on a different German heavy cavalry regiment in French service, will be painted in either dark blue or white coats.  The two squadrons will form a fictitious composite regiment that will serve in either The Army of Stollen, or The Army of Zichenau as and when scenarios require. 

On a related note, the Grand Duchess and I had a discussion about the proper German terminology for these troops late last night, and yours truly was actually right.  For once.  It seems all of those years of struggling through my German-language editions of various Funcken titles has paid off.  I "won" a discussion with a professor of German!  Horse grenadiers in German is Grenadiere zu Pferd, thank you very much!  Those of you who are married, or in long-term relationships will instantly recognize the significance of all this.  Winning an argument does not happen too often here in The Grand Duchy of Stollen.

Anyway, while some of the details and colors differ a bit from my references, I like the bright, toy soldier appearance of the almost finished test figure.  The red is actually a darker Cherry Red highlighted with Scarlet, while the black facings and cuirass have been highlighted with a gray called Zinc.  All craft acrylics (in two-ounce bottles) in this case although the horses have an oil glaze over various acrylic tans and yellows if memory serves me correctly.  These were done a year ago, and I neglected to record the precise details at that point.

I'll finish remaining smaller details on the test figure this evening, and then get started on the rest of the first squadron tomorrow evening.  The goal is to finish all 30 of these by the end of July and continue with the fourth mini-project for this summer: a new church and a half-timbered warehouse.  So far, we're right on schedule.  More or less.  At least things are moving forward on the hobby front, eh?

Finally, The Grand Duchy of Stollen has picked up a few more followers in recent weeks, so "Welcome!" and I hope you might find a few items of interest as you peruse the almost 12 years of posts that make up this particular blog.  Once in a while, there is even an actual game believe it, or not.  In any case, enjoy.  It's always fun to have a few more interested parties along for the ride.

-- Stokes


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A good start to a very interesting unit , looking forward to seeing the painting progress

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

A Brave man if not a Wise one but in any language the Horse Grenadiers are starting to look good as a I imagined.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Sometimes you lose when you win the argument. :)


Paul Robinson said...

Well done.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Oh Jim, I'm sure you are correct, and I will ultimately lose. In some way or other. Of that we can be sure. In almost 18 years with The Grand Duchess, one might think that I would know better by now.

Best Regards,


Robbie Rodiss said...

Lovely looking unit and a good choice. As for 'winning' an argument with your better half. BIG mistake my friend. I recognised a long time ago that all women possess a Sicilian gene and never forget.Better sleep with one eye open from now on.

Captain Nolan said...

Thank you for the welcome. Your blog helped inspire me to begin an RSM95 imagi-nation project myself (though it is in its infancy. Right now my time is devoted to my Hinton Hunt project). I have been following you for years, but for some reason never clicked the follow button.

Please stop by my blog and become a follower at: https://battlesandcampaigns.blogspot.com.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

I will do so forthwith, Captain Nolan! I think we might have exchanged a few emails about 10 years or so ago. Did you serve in West Germany for a while and eventually marry a German girl?

Best Regards,



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