27 June 2018

The Engine Kit Is Almost Finished. . .

Between toy soldiers and model car engines during the last ten days or so, things have been kind of busy here in Zum Stollenkeller Mk II.

The Young Master and I just finished installing the distributor, the spark plugs, and adjusted everything into synch on his engine kit started on Father's Day (June 17).  It works! If all goes well, we can finish the final few steps tomorrow and fire it up with additional AA batteries.  Then, it's on to the Smithsonian jet engine kit.  Stand back and hold on to your hats for that one!

-- Stokes 


The Young Master and I finished the last few steps on his engine kit Thursday evening before bedtime reading, and it works like a charm.  The drive shaft works the pistons and exhaust valves plus other parts, and the four "sparkplugs" (little yellow fairy lights) also light up in synch to the exhaust valves opening and closing.  Easily the most complicated kit yours truly has even assembled, but the two of us managed it, and the Young Master learned a bit about patience and perseverance (following several mistakes by ol' Dad in the assembly of key parts) as well as how internal combustion engines actually work.  Good fun, and we next have our collective sights set on the jet engine kit for late July once he returns from his annual maternal grandparent visit mid-month.

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Pierre le Poilu said...

Your lad's growing - love the orange shirt


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