03 June 2018

Hobby Time at Last!

The last two or maybe three evenings have seen me back at the painting table for the first time in several months, applying acrylic colors to the Eureka 'Ooh, You're So Awful' vignette.  Needless to say, it has been time delightfully spent.  Very relaxing and plenty of headway made along with questions from the Young Master, who played nearby and occasionally sauntered over to see what Dad was up to before returning to his own projects.  He is writing and illustrating his own rather lengthy Geronimo Stilton novel at the moment and building a Tinker Toy robot for instance, school and piano lessons permitting.

But back to the Eureka vignette.  Just tiny details now, like shoes, metal buckles, buttons, and hair ribbons.  I am especially pleased with the way the white table linen, china cups and saucers have come out.  The ol' painting hand was rather steadier than expected!  No photographs until everything is finished, but I'll include a few period illustrations and paintings found online that I have used to guide me along the way of painting up disapproving ladies and gentlemen, a handy kitchen maid, and one overfed, libidinous lord.

-- Stokes


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...


Gallia said...

Happy for you Stokes,
Joy of creation and satisfactions.
Bill P.

KEV. Robertson. said...

Hello...on painting time. Now I'm Retired- time for painting isn't a problem- when I was working I would wake at 4:00am- go to the Factory for a 12 hour Shift and be back home at 7:00pm...five days a week - surprising that each week night I set aside an hour late at night to do miniature painting- with finishing a Regiment on the Saturday / Sunday...now, I have plenty of time and it seems that one hour isn't enough to do anything- guess I'm getting old and slow! LOL. Cheers. KEV.

Wellington Man said...

Gadzooks, she's kicked the bucket, Stokes!
I can't wait to see your mis en scene.

Best regards


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