03 February 2018

Thank Goodness Someone Worries about Keeping up Standards!

The latest batch of replacement infantry standards.  I figured the Hessian flags at front right had details large enough that I could risk letting them show and have a crack at actually painting them.  Seemed to work reasonably well.  

Plugging away this (Saturday) afternoon and late into the evening here with another two pairs of replacement infantry standards.  Some obvious touching up tomorrow to clean up a few lines as well as a few remaining brass buttons and neck stocks to add on the ensigns (in light blue coats) destined to join shortly Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers, but we're getting there.  Not perfect, by any stretch, but rather pleasing to the eye in any case.  Only one final pair remaining after these, but I need to pick up some orange paint before tackling those.  It's after Midnight here, so it's time to hit the sack.  Nighty night!

-- Stokes

Sunday Morning. . .

For those who might be interested, I am using synthetic #2 and #3 rounds (with good points) to apply my thinned colors, washes almost.  The white areas are first given a light gray undercoat and then highlighted several times (until everything looks right) with successive washes of white to facilitate better blending.  Other thinned colors (reds, blues, etc.) are then carefully applied, and a thinned highlight is added later.  I apply metallic colors and leave them as is. 

The complicated wreath and crown designs on the Hessian standards, which will be presented to the Grand Duchess Sonja's Own, look good enough without any further dabbling from me, so I have decided to leave well enough alone there.  The gilt finials and cords get an undercoat of dark brown and are then damp-brushed with gold, the usual Citadel hobby acrylics.

Finally, we seem to have picked up a few new followers the last several days, so welcome to each of you.  Please feel free to leave the occasional comment, observation, or suggestion and join in the fray that is the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog. . .  A blog about nothing.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Wellington Man said...

Simply gorgeous!
Best regards

Steve J. said...

They look fantastic! Very colourful and wonderfully animated.

Martin said...

Looking good Stokes! But, of course, you know, these standards must be maintained! So keep up the good work!

Paul Robinson said...

very nice they look too.


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