20 February 2018

The 1750s, 60s, and So Much More!

Prussian infantry at the Battle of Kolin.

Are you tired?  Rundown?  Feel like you've lost your wargaming mojo?  

Well, there is an easy cure for what ails you.  Broaden your gaming outlook, historic, and hobby knowledge by dropping by the Fife & Drum Discussion Forum 

While the core interest has to do with the warfare of the mid-18th century as well as the delectable Minden, Fife& Drum, and Crann Tara ranges of miniatures, the forum has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception a year ago to cover much more besides the wars and soldiers of Maria Theresa and ol' Frederick II.  

In fact, the Fife & Drum Discussion Forum has become a veritable community of the current wargaming illuminati and cognoscenti from around the globe, who routinely share their thoughts on subjects as diverse as figure sculpting, scratch-building tabletop scenery, painting, basing, flags, uniforms, and tactical doctrine of different historic eras plus a host of other topics, many of which have to do with other periods, theaters, and armies besides those of the 1740s-1760s in Central Europe.  Drop by for a chat and a helping of hobby inspiration.  We'll leave the light on for ya.

-- Stokes

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