01 January 2018

Happy New Year from the Grand Duchy of Stollen!

A final vintage image for the 2017-2018 Christmas season.

Happy New Year from all of us here in The Grand Duchy of Stollen!  May 2018 see you enjoy more hobby-related reading, painting, gaming, and socializing.  It's still frigid and snowy here in Totleigh-in-the-Wold, so following a special breakfast of Swedish waffles made for us by The Grand Duchess, the three of us are heading out for some more cross-country skiing shortly -- The Grand Duchess discovered a local place with groomed trails and even a warming hut with a wood-burning stove yesterday -- before returning home to clean up and take down the Christmas trees and the related decorations before enjoying another helping of New Year's dinner this evening.  And the perhaps some toy soldiering of some kind this evening following the Young Master's bedtime.

-- Stokes 

And some suitably 18th century themed dancing.

Finally, the three of us enjoyed two hours of special New Year's Day skiing through the woods of Mid-Michigan just outside Haslett.  Loads of fun, but the best part has to be seeing the eight-year-old Young Master herringbone up hills and schuss down the other side.  At some point, I expect he'll be a better skier than yours truly since we first put him on skis at five, while I did not begin in the sport until I was 33!  The Grand Duchess snapped this neat photograph, by the way, on her phone during our tour today.


Wellington Man said...

Happy New Year, Stokes!

Norm said...

Thanks for a year of interesting blogging, Best Wishes for the New Year.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Happy New Year, Stokes

Simon Millar said...

Stokes, Thank you and a Happy New Year to you all.
Best regards,

otto schmidt said...

Dear Stokes
Can you tell me about the theory you use in forming your Imagi-Nations or direct me to a place where I can read bout this.


otto schmidt said...

Dear Stokes

By the way for the past 12 years I have published a 16 page quarterly newsletter called Saxe N' Violets devoted to humor and whimsy in war games. Are you interested in seeing a few samples? If so send me your snail-makl, (postal delivery address) to sigurd@eclipse.net, or to MY postal snail-mail address

Otto Schmidt
1031 Stillwater Rd.
Newton N.J. 07860

We have book reviews, battle reports, pictures, and lots of articles on imagi-Nations including whole games and campaigns.



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