27 January 2018

A Random Selection of Village and Rural Buildings. . .

The tollhouse

These better lighted photographs of a few of my scratch-built buildings are for Pat, who has asked about them in an inquiry he posted about "Grantian" building models over on Jim Perky's Fife and Drum Miniatures Forum.  

All of these have appeared previously in two of Charles Grant's Wargamer's Annuals.  The first four structures shown are in the most recent 2018 edition accompanying my article on how to build a Baltic German town center, while the large farmhouse and barn at the bottom of the post were, I believe, part of a shorter piece several years back on how to build an East Prussian farmstead.  

Any of the buildings shown should work in a Mollwitz-Lobositz context as far as providing the right kind of tabletop window dressing.  In any case, I've included our usual runway model pals Frederick II and von Seydlitz to provide an idea of the various building dimensions.

-- Stokes 

The village inn and pub. . .   The Duke of Brunswick

A half-timbered house 

 Another half-timbered house

 A large farmhouse

 With internal ruins for reference

Its large companion barn

Assorted smaller farm buildings and a few lean-tos to vary external appearances.

The village church

The village church from another angle.  I plan to construct a second red brick North German church this summer based on an existing structure in the town of Boizenberg, with a rather different tower and spire, plus several additional half-timbered, or fachwerk, houses and warehouses based on now crumbling edifices across the north of Poland, coastal Lithuania, and Riga, Latvia.  All just cry out to be constructed in miniature.


Der Alte Fritz said...

I like them all, especially the barn in the last picture. You've captured the look of Silesia and Pomerania very well.


Rob Young said...

Nice buildings. It's an area I've never exploited to the extent I should.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Fine, utilitarian buildings!

Wellington Man said...

Your buildings are brilliant, Stokes. They're truly inspiring. I'd love to have a go at some but can't seem to get out of my must-paint-bigger-armies psychosis!
Best regards

Big Andy said...

I do like the look of those. Just the look I'm after for continuing the "shinylo" project- though perhaps -for me- a bit more "Belgian" .All I need now is a 28 hour day ......

Simon Millar said...

I've always liked your buildings and admired you for making them yourself. It's great to see them featured.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice selection of buildings

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I enjoy cranking out periodic batches of these houses and other buildings as much as painting figures, if not more so. It is yet one more fascinating sideline of our truly wonderful hobby. Here's to toy soldier psychoses!

Best Regards,



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