18 December 2017

Tales of a Sunday in Mid-December. . .

Some painting Sunday evening.  Very close to finishing things now on the Heroes of Boucharde.  Just a few small details and then two coats of glossy varnish.

A bit of this and that yesterday.

-- Stokes

A swimming test passed.

Some afternoon skiing nearby.

The young author at work in the library, writing a chapter book (he wrote the first four chapters) on (wait for it). . .  The evil Dad Ogre, who metes out punishment to the resourceful young star of the story, who eventually escapes up the chimney to a helicopter that flies by just over the house.  No, I'm not making this up.  Clearly the timeout chair, writing about X when there has been an error in eight-year-old judgment, to say nothing of asking YMP to bring his basket of dirty laundry to me at the washing machine, feed and water the cats daily, help make his bed and keep his room straight, plus swiffer the floors in the kitchen and breakfast area once a week are issues he is working out through his writing.  The story itself is actually pretty well written and very funny in places.  He proudly read it to me at bedtime last night, and we laughed our way through the inaugural reading.

Finally, I will pick up the Christmas trees later today (Monday)!  Decorating this evening and Tuesday evening.

1 comment:

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

A fine addition to your collection Mr Cinderfella's dad.

(At least he's literate and creative, a good start on life!)


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