15 December 2017

It's Getting to Be That Time. . .

No, not quite a painting update on The Heroes of Boucharde, but rather the second of several seasonal images.  Long-time grand Duchy of Stollen visitors -- and it is now over 11 years since this blog began its rather circuitous route. . .  ostensibly a blog about wargaming plus the soldiers and scenery that go with it, but covering an awful lot of non-hobby territory in the meantime -- might recall my fondness for Victorian, Edwardian, and Wilhelmine images of Father Christmas/Santa Claus.  I'm getting into gear a bit late this year, but with only ten days to go until the Christmas Season starts in earnest, there's no time like the present.  As usual, pun unintended.  Ask the Grand Duchess.  I cannot seem to help myself. 

At any rate, I am especially fond of depictions that feature Father Christmas in robes that are not the ubiquitous red.  This blue caught my eye instantly as I was wasting time last week, avoiding actual work here at home, by scouring the web for suitably Christmasy images.  Funny how that happens.

Fear not!  Another Heroes of Boucharde painting update to follow later today after breakfast  at our favorite local quick-n-greasy breakfast  place, skiing around the corner from the house at an area park (we had quite a bit of snow here in Mid-Michigan on Wednesday), followed a hot shower.   It's Friday at last.  Happy Weekend everyone!

-- Stokes

Yours truly earlier this morning on the way to our local breakfast haunt with the Grand Duchess.  Eggs, ham, and hashed brown potatoes that are to die for along with a bottomless cup of coffee.  And now I will ski some of that off.


Fitz-Badger said...

I thought you were going to say "that time for St. Lucia buns". Or has that already come and gone?

Chris Gregg said...

When do we get the seasonal smell of Stollen cooking on your blog?


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