31 December 2017

Freicorps Musings on New Year's Eve. . .

Two different versions of the Chasseurs de Fischer infantry gleaned from the web.

Yes.  I know.  The promise was not to bore you with grandiose plans for much in 2018 given my relatively lackluster hobby activity in the year almost ended.  But I find myself getting excited by the prospect of building up that tiny freicorps, and some shortly to be released Crann Tara figures aren't helping the matter any.  If I keep things small and modest, what can go wrong?  

On second thought, don't answer that!  But if all goes well, I might even be able to get things finished before this time next year AND make up some lost ground on the figures I had hoped to paint to completion in 2017.  

Anyway, you can see what I'm thinking  for a company of 15 or so light infantry types in the illustrations above.  The line portion will be an understrength two-company battalion (30) of Frei-infanterie (uniforms probably based on the Von Hordt regiment), a squadron of 12-14 hussars based on one or another unit of land hussars, and that new French artillery troop painted, more or less, as the artillery of Lauzun's Legion (medium-dark blue coats with lemon yellow facings).  

The idea is to assemble a small force dressed in a colorful array of uniforms that will not duplicate anything already in the collection.  To command the overall formation, I'll use a couple of mounted Minden and/or Crann Tara officers floating around here in a currently unpainted state.  Hey, anything to knock off the rust and fire up the painting engines in an appreciable way, right?

Happy New Year Everyone!

-- Stokes


Steve J. said...

Sounds a great idea to me, as I love formations such as this. Looking forward to seeing updates on this.

Rob Young said...

I tend to switch all the time, as you know I'm currently going through a small scale army phase producing lots of DBA forces - will later get back to grand designs no doubt! Adds to the overall enjoyment.

Happy New Year.


Robbie Rodiss said...

Stokes, can I recommend Crann Tara's, Fusiliers de Moliere. They are both on foot and mounted and are excellent figures for the petite guerre.

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

There is something about the green coats and mirletons (I've had versions in 15mm & 40mm) but the Frensh often detached grenadiers to skirmish and what you really need for your Legion is some dual purpose grenadiers in fur caps! Nothing says casual elegance and disdain for foppishness and obeying the rules like a shaggy fur cap and a big mustache!

All the best for 2018!


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