16 December 2017

Another (Slightly Unusual) Seasonal Image. . .

 Kitties anticipating Christmas Dinner being prepared by Mother over the fire.  What's not to like?

A bit more snow fell in the night, and the car (mine that is) must be cleared off later so that the three of us can drive up north for a late lunch/early dinner at one of the several German restaurants in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

I was so pleasantly and delightfully worn out after two hours on skis yesterday afternoon that I did not get to painting table last night but spent time sipping  gluehwein with the Grand Duchess before the fire following the Young Master's bedtime.  The ski-tour itself was amazing.  I was the only one at the park.  It was absolutely silent save for the occasional breeze, a creaking bough or two, and the almost imperceptible sound of the snow itself falling from the sky.  The circuit around the park's perimeter through several wooded loops and up and down several rises and a few actual hills is about 3-4km.  I went around three times in two hours with several pauses to catch my breath and take in the silent majesty of the winter landscape.

My mind cleared rapidly of anything pressing as I plodded along, and eventually got back into the schuss-schuss-schuss-schuss rhythm of the classic diagonal stride.  And that mental clarity -- or void? -- is why I do it.  Exercise followed by complete freedom from and lack of stress, which all of us need more of in the 21st century I'd wager.

-- Stokes

And a quick phone shot taken during yesterday's nearby jaunt on my skis.


Steve J. said...

Sounds wonderful! Nordic skiiing much more my thing than Alpine skiiing. Sans snow a good walk in the local woods is my way of unwinding and clearing my head,

Neil Moulden said...

Well our snow has nearly gone. I had a cold so I did not get to enjoy it with my daughter. May be next time.
I love watching cross country skiing on TV and would like to try it some day. Hopefully when my daughter is in collage the wife and myself can visit friend's in Finland and I can give it a go.
Love the old christmass images.


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