29 December 2017

Christmas Week Tinkering. . .

Another old seasonal image, this time wishing us good luck in the new year.

A bit of tinkering at the painting desk yesterday afternoon, opening and sorting several new packets of  Minden French artillery, pioneers, a mounted officer, and two 8pdr. French cannon, which were given to me by the Grand Duchess this Christmas Day.  Most of these are destined to be painted in the uniforms purportedly worn by the artillery contingent of Lauzun's Legion during the American War of Independence.  Some shade of blue (probably darker to mid-) and lemon yellow facings. 

Eventually, these figures will become the artillery arm of a small legion or freikorps that I envision, consisting of battalion of line infantry, a company of lights, a squadron or two of cavalry, and said artillery.  Rather than make up uniforms of my own, I think I'll depend on actual uniforms from historical formations since there are so many eye-catching examples out there.  More on this anon since it now seems like I have various 18th century irons in the fire without actually having done very much the last 12 months or so.  2018 has to be better.

-- Stokes


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Hi Stokes,
For your legion you might try looking at the Perry Brothers AWI range. They have all the various types of figures including a few grenadiers that you might want to add to the line infantry perhaps to match the company of lights. Their cavalry is also quite good. I had a commission done for Lauzan's legion and the painter used a medium blue color for the gunners which was really quite nice.
Happy New Year,
(A/K/A Gerardus Magnus)

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, Jerry! All great ideas. Thank you too for the tip on the medium blue for the eventual artillery arm. As much as I love the light blue o the Lauzun infantry and hussars, somehow it does not seem quite right for the artillery. The lemon yellow facings, however, are just the thing. Not the same old dark blue and red.

Happy New Year,


Chris Gregg said...

Great idea Stokes. You might like to be reminded of the Imagi-nations Lauzun's Legion I did a few years ago http://notjustoldschool.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/an-imagi-nation-legion.html


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