20 October 2017

Practical Wargamer. . . Anyone? Anyone?

The cover of an early issue of said magazine.

Another long week concludes in which real life has admirably got in the way of hobby pursuits yet again.  That seems to be the way lately, but this weekend is relatively free, and come hell, or high water, I am going to sit myself down to the painting table and do SOMETHING during the next couple of days.  What in blazes has happened in the last 40-odd years?  Life was not this nutty for our parents!

Still, a guy can dream.  And read.  Even when dog-tired and after collapsing into bed mid-evenings.  Which brings me to a related point.  

Might anyone out there have, and be willing to part with, the first dozen issues -- numbers 1-12 in 'good,' or 'very good' though not necessarily 'mint' condition -- of Practical Wargamer?  So long as your pricing and the cost of shipping don't stray into "Are you kidding me?" territory, I can transfer payment to you forthwith via PayPal.

Just drop me a line (stokes.schwartz@gmail.com), and let's work out the details.  Thank you in advance.  I now charge weakly and quietly toward bed this Friday evening to drown my hobby sorrows with a cold glass of chocolate milk (made with Hershey's syrup) and some Ritz crackers with JIF peanut butter spread on top.  Comfort food in its purest form.

-- Stokes


Later Monday Morning. . .

A dark, soon to be rainy, and  very Autumn-like Monday.  Well, the weekend was no a total bust.  I managed to sit down to the painting table for a couple of hours, separated by a long break, Saturday afternoon when I worked on finished those several pairs of Minden Austrian and Prussian standard bearers due to replace single MiniFig standard bearers.  Just some buttons and either red or black stocks left to paint in along with the inevitable touch-ups, then I can add the flags, slop on a coat or two of clear varnish, and Bob's your uncle.

The way I have handled flags the last decade or so is to print them out on plain old white printer paper, carefully attach them to the flagpoles with a thin layer of plain, old white PVA glue like Elmer's, furl them a bit, and set everything to one side for 24-36 hours to dry hard.  I come back later and paint over the printer inks with the usual hobby acrylics, sometimes changing colors in the process to personalize things.  

This time, however, I plan to stick as close as possible to historic flags carried by actual units simply because these were/are already so fancy and outlandishly beautiful, that they are, frankly, better than anything I might dream up.  This approach to flags worked nicely with that composite unit of Saxon Ernestine infantry that I finished during the late winter of 2016.  Interested parties can have another look at those here.

Ok, time to stop wasting time and avoiding the inevitable.  It is after 9am Monday morning after all.

-- Stokes


Arthur Harman said...

Email sent today. Arthur

Bezzo said...

I have a bound set I would be happy to unload if you do not get fixed up.


Phil Dutré said...

I received a donation of a large batch of PW some time ago (for the Wargaming Magazine Indexing project) and indeed, it is good reading.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes please, Bezzo. What price do you ask per issue (#1-#12? Are you located in the U.K.? Please let me know. Drop me a line at: stokes.schwartz@gmail.com

Best Regards,


Bezzo said...

I will dig them out today and message you. It may be cheaper to post them in batches as over 2kg the postage rates go crazy. I am UK based.

Bezzo said...

Will dig them out and message you.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I admire (and share) your taste Stokes... wish someone would re-issue the whole print run on CD/DVD...

Bezzo said...

Sorry - a minor diversion to plans. Will do it tomorrow - apologies!

Bezzo said...

2.4kg so DEFINITELY cheaper as too parcels!


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