07 October 2017

A Few Teaser Photos of The Grand Review. . .

 The term 'groaning board' comes to mind here.  The table is 6' x 10'.  Obviously for actual games, and depending on the scenario (I like those by C.S. Grant), not all available troops would be in use, fewer buildings would be present, and a somewhat larger table might be in order too. 


Here's a close-up o two brigades of Stollenian infantry and a few officer vignettes with part of the pontoon and trasnport trains in the background.

At the other end of the table various light units of infantry engage each other as Saxon staff observe, some transport rumbles by, and to companies of generic pioneers/pontooniers march toward town.

Finally, a close-up o some Stollenian jaeger (painted by John Preece and featured in the Partizan 2006 Sittangbad refight) facing two companies of 'Wild Geese' in the service of Zichenau along with a company of dastardly Croats in the distance.

Back tomorrow with more photographs taken, this time, with a tripod and timer which always produce sharper pictures, but these aren't too bad for quick snaps.  It's late, and I'm off to bed.  Nighty-night.

-- Stokes


nobby said...

A magnificent body of chaps, Sir.
I almost expect to hear the "Huzzah" and see the hats flying in the air.

Conrad Kinch said...


Simon Millar said...

An impressive display of figures, terrain and buildings. Great fun looking at the pictures.

Paul Liddle said...

You have a lot of soldiers there Stokes, fantastic!.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings,

A simply marvelous display! Congratulations. You can really note the excellent brushwork when you click on them in the blog and their image fills the screen.

My very best regards,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Peter Douglas said...

Oh you tease - go on give us a smile and show us more!

Mark Nichipor said...

Outstanding! Looking forward to the entire review.


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