09 September 2017

The Ermland Garde Newly (Re-) Based!!!

The newly rebased Ermland Garde (actually Revell SYW plastic Austrians), first painted way back in the summer of 2007.  Individually based (or rather UN-based) to begin with, this is the regiment's second -- and most definitely final -- rebasing.  Other than a bit of touching up with GW 'Goblin Green' around the edges of the figure bases, this was fairly easy and fairly quick to do this evening after dinner while I enjoyed a large mug of strong black coffee and some online jazz in the background.

Full steam ahead!  Just one more unit of line infantry to rebase tomorrow, a small two-company unit of combined grenadiers.  Next up in the rebasing queue, a plastic regiment of Austrian dragoons painted way back during January-February of 2007.  At this rate, I'll have to replenish my supply of Litko 3mm ply bases before long!

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Wellington Man said...

I bet you're wishing you'd done this ages ago, Stokes! Your new bases are making your regiments look brand new all over again.


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